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Bar Odar Special School

50+students enrolled

Bar Odar Special School for the Intellectually Challenged was established in September of 2016. The special unit section of the school was registered with the Kenya Teacher Service Commission as an independent School in 2018 under Madam Anne Otieno’s Leadership. At the time of establishment, the school had one classroom that had 7 students.
Currently the special need section has a student population of 40 students. The students are in three categories 23 are in the special school section. 10 are integrated into the mainstream classes and 7 who are both mentally and physically challenged are under home base care. They still have one classroom that they all use.
Lanterns for light foundation has partnered with Bar Odar Special School to raise funds to build two dormitories for boys and girls. We want to provide an ecosystem or environment where these special needs students get the best of what’s possible. 

A boarding school will provide them with an environment where they can thrive. Most of them are neglected or do not get the needed attention because they all come from very poor humble backgrounds.
Most of the physically and mentally challenged spend a vast majority of their time locked indoors. This is because their parents or guardians have to leave the homes to find odd jobs or earn a living and they cannot afford the needed help for someone to watch them. By building the dormitories and more classes, we will be able to have those children lead and live a dignified life and maximize their potential.
Some of the female mentally challenged have gone through sexual abuse and they cannot get to tell their story. We want to be their voice. 
Please partner with Lanterns for Life Foundation to raise $ 20,000.00 in 2020 to build the two dormitories for Bar Odar Special School. 

Sega Special school for the Mute & Deaf

The school was established in January of 2009 under the leadership of Madam Rosemary Achieng Umira. They had one Classroom assigned to them at the Sega Township Primary School. The Number of students in the special section at the time of establishment was 3. The population grew to 10 in 2010.

In 2013 the population of the students grew to 30 and the school was officially recognized by the ministry of education and registered as a special school. They still had one classroom in the main Sega Township Primary School that all 30 students used. They had all grade levels from kindergarten to middle school. All in one class with ages ranging from 7 years to 18 years.

In 2016 the Kenya Teachers Service Commission hired three more teachers from the special unity. Through support from a friend from Houston, Texas USA Cindy Weaver, the school acquired a piece of land and Safaricom Corporation Constructed two dormitory units that could house 60 boys and 60 girls.

The ministry of education also supported and constructed three classrooms for the special school. Lanterns for Light Foundation and partnership with Municipal Operations and Consulting, Inc. have been active and supporting the school from its establishment year.

Currently the population of the students at the school is 100. In 2017 was the first year they had 3 students take the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education and were all able to join High Schools that cater for the Deaf and Mute. Municipal Operating Consulting and Lanterns For Light supported the students with material needs and school fees to join the high schools.

In 2018 they had 7 students take the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams and 5 students are going to join high schools and 2 will join vocational training schools. Lanterns for Light Foundation have been involved in the development of the school and its population.

For 2020 Lanterns for Light Foundation wants to raise $ 8,000.00 to help construct an additional classroom that will accommodate the next 20 students as the school reaches its capacity of 120 students who live in the dormitories.

The awareness and acceptance for the mute and deaf members of our society have greatly improved in the area since the establishment of this school. Please join us in dignifying humanity and letting all attain their God given potential.

150+ Students enrolled