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Our mission at Church on the Move is to introduce people to the real Jesus. The real Jesus is so much more than a consultant offering you a better life. He is so much more than a hero to admire or a teacher to emulate. Jesus is the very power that created the Universe. He is the center of all things and the One for whom all things exist. We are dedicated to help you identify and take your next step in the safety and freedom of community.
At d.light, we envision a future where all people are empowered to enjoy the freedom and quality of life that comes with access to reliable, affordable off-grid light and power. More than 2 billion people around the world live without reliable access to electricity. Through the deployment of quality solar products, d.light has empowered 85 million lives and offset 20 million tons of CO2. And we’re just getting started
Unite to Light is a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to manufacture and distribute efficient, durable, low cost solar lamps to people without access to electricity. We target those that the existing solar market does not: children, women, health clinics, midwives, and victims of natural disasters. We have distributed over 90,000 lamps to 70 countries. mission is to pray for people all over the world.  Encourage those hurt by the hardships of life and celebrate victories of others.  Ideally, pray for specific needs through social media and videos. Continuous dedicated prayer is powerful and effective. Witnessing poverty in Kenya first hand, we decided to focus on three Kenyan communities.