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Masaba dispensary is a faith Based Organization working under the Anglican church of Kenya. It’s located in western part of Kenya, Kakamega County, Butere sub county, Marama south location and masaba sub location.

The dispensary has a catchment population of approximately 6,000 people and serves 10 villages

Services offered in the dispensary include;

  • Child welfare clinic to include immunizations against preventable diseases, growth monitoring of children under five years of age.
  • Antenatal clinic to pregnant women
  • Maternity services (Conducting deliveries)
  • Post natal services- these are services offered post delivery
  • Family planning services
  • HIV counseling, testing and linkage to care in the CCC
  • Comprehensive Care Centre for HIV positive clients to include nutrition services
  • Tuberculosis clinic
  • Laboratory services

Averagely the dispensary has a workload of 50 clients a day being attended to by;

  • 2 nurses
  • 1 lab technician
  • 1 Hts counselor
  • 1 peer educator

Apart from the technical staff, there are 6 casuals who also help in day to day activity i.e data clerk, accountant, cleaner etc

Masaba dispensary has a great impact to the community it serves as it promotes access to care, provides promotive, preventive, curative services and rehabilitative with the aid of Community Health volunteers attached to the dispensary through home visits


  1. Financial: since most services offered are provided at a very minimal cost the center relies of well-wishers to offer donations to sustain its operations.
  2. Medical equipment: Most of equipment at the dispensary was donated, over time this need to be replaced due to wear and tear.
  3. Physical Structure: The building that the dispensary operates in was as old church that was converted to a dispensary. The building is in a poor condition, the dispensary is in need a new building with necessary medical facilities to be able to provide the services to the residents.
  4. Need of more full time employees: Due to financial constraints most of the employees are on a part time basis and retention of employees has been a challenge since they may go unpaid for months.
  5. This facility is the only health facility in a 5 mile radius. It is currently over stretched with request that it doesn’t have expertise to handle, for example new born deliveries which the staff have had no option but to assist the mothers deliver.