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“You educate a girl; you educate a community.”
Girl child empowerment is one major focus of Lantern for light foundation. The case for girls education is well documented as one of the most important tools for development.
We believe that no girl should miss out on opportunities that will affect their future, simply because they have a biological monthly menstrual cycle.

Lack of access to menstrual hygiene products impacts millions of girls globally. With the high poverty rate in Kenya this is a major problem facing school going girls in Kenya. A high percentage of girls miss school because of their menstrual cycles. The impact of the missed days is devastating with girls missing up to 25% of their education, there by increasing the likelihood of dropping out of school, early marriage and pregnancy, as well as limiting career options.

Lanterns for light has partnered with Diva Care in Kenya to provide sanitary pads to school going girls. Currently we are providing sanitary pads to eight high schools and two primary schools covering an average 2000 girls monthly. 

We are reducing girls absenteeism and drop out rates in schools and increasing opportunities for girls to complete their education with dignity. 

Lanterns for Light provides dignity to the girl child, education that provides empowerment, the joy and growth potential. 

“To deny people their human right is to challenge their very humanity” 

– Nelson Mandela. 

10,000+ Female Hygiene Products distributed monthly