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75,000+ Meals served to students

Access to education is a fundamental human right as outlined in the 1948 Human Right Charter Provision of education to all irrespective of their circumstances, whether children, the youth or adults is a right we all must join hands to attain. In Kenya, statistics shows that 1million primary age students are still out of school, despite the education stakeholders to have education accessible to all by 2015.

School feeding programs have been used as one of the interventions to promote retention and improving learning outcomes in primary schools. The objective of school feeding programs includes improvement of school enrollment and attendance, reduction of drop out rates and low academic achievement.

Lanterns For Light Foundation started a feeding program Ngege Primary School located in Nyakach, in 2012. The program started by focusing on less than 50 students from 1st grade through 3rd grade to help them stay enrolled in school. This served as incentive for vulnerable families to send their young ones to school. Also, the students could now stay longer in the school and look forward to attending school.

We observed that the feeding program helped improve the school participation and retention, improvement of children cognitive abilities, increased attention span and reduction of vulnerability of infectious diseases that negatively impact school attendance.

Currently Lanterns For Light Foundation provides one meal per day to the 300 students enrolled at Ngege Primary School, ranging from 1st grade to 8the grade. By empowering the student through supporting their education, Lanterns For Light is helping eradicate poverty.

Please join us in supporting the students of Ngege Primary School.