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Community Outreach libraries

A library opens up our hearts to joys of the world and beyond our front doors, allowing us to dream against
hopelessness, despair and ignorance. Transforming lives through libraries, books and knowledge, presents a
valuable alternative escape from their daily, sometimes gruesome realities at home. Story books are a pillar of hope
to the pupils as they are exposed to worlds of endless possibilities and challenged to aspire for change, to break
the chain of desolation and pessimism.
A library will encourage reading for pleasure, open up minds and create new realities for the students and all users.
Children can learn such values as critical thinking, creativity, confidence and curiosity.
Learning it’s a basic ingredient for success in life.


Title of the block

A child who reads will eventually be an adult who thinks
critically and strategically. A library is a passport to
wonders and glimpses into other lives, dreams and
striving of all human beings.
The more you read the more knowledge you acquire.
The more knowledge you acquire the more you set
yourself ahead for growth. A library will contribute to
nurturing a generation of enlightened and empowered
individuals, equipped with skills and ideas to run a vibrant
economy and contribute to community development. This
library will also be a vessel to expand the Kingdom of
Jesus Christ.
All lives in our communities have equal value. The
path out of poverty begins when the next generation
can get quality education and access learning