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Current projects – Masaba dispensary

Masaba Dispensary has been in operation since 2007. The community with the help of a few well wishers converted the old church building of ACK St Peters Parish to be used as a Dispensary. This served the community well for about 10 years. The old building was condemned by the Ministry of Health officials in 2017 and because of lack of funds the dispensary has been operating in this building as it seeks alternative solutions. Below are pictures of the old building

The ACK St Peters Church Masaba agreed for the facility to be relocated to the land adjacent to the Church this land has a building which was to be used as the vicarage. This building though small will house the dispensary as they seek to build new structures

Below are the pictures of the vicarage which will serve as the dispensary temporarily as the new structures are put in place. This building was built with the help of Lanterns for light foundation in 2018

Lanterns for Light foundation is partnering with the local community to build new structures for the dispensary. In June 2020 an online fundraiser was initiated for funds to be raised to realize this dream for the Masaba community.

Required Budget $20,000

Lanterns for Light Foundation Contribution $14,000

Money Raised by Local Community $6,000

Total Funds Raised $20,000

As the funds are being raised construction is continuing in earnest as time is of the essence. With Covid-19 this is the only facility in the area which can help deal with the pandemic. We still appeal for financial assistance as we look to complete this project before end of year 2020.

We at Lanterns for light thank the donors who have contributed to this project by contributing directly to Lanterns for light and other many donors who contributed directly to the project. ( We will provide a comprehensive list of donors at completion of the project)

We are half way there we know with God’s Blessings we will get this one done.

Thank you for standing with the people of Masaba and working with Lanterns for Light to achieve the goal of eradicating poverty in Western part of Kenya.

Please keep checking back on this blog as we provide updates to this project.

Progress report as of July 12th 2020

Please see progress of construction of dispensary in pictorial form. Glory to God.

Progress report as of July 15th 2020

Please see progress of construction of dispensary in pictorial form. We thank God

Progress report as of August 18th

The construction has reached the roof. Please see pictures below

We thank all the donors who have contributed so far to get this project where it is. We are still appealing for funds to complete the Construction. We need to raise $5,000 to complete this project

The items remaining are

  1. Finishing ( Plastering the walls and floors)
  2. Doors and Windows
  3. Painting
  4. Electrical wiring.

Lets get this done. With your help and God’s glory it shall be done.

Progress report as of December 30th 2020

We want to thank all the donors and well wishers who helped on this project. During the Month of December Lanterns for Light donated the remaining amount $5,000 to the Dispensary and we are happy to report the building in nearing completion and God willing will be open by January 2021. We will still need to continuously support this facility as it gets it’s bearing and stabilizes.



The pictures below show the painting and final touches being done on building

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